A visual brand architect and photographer dedicated to supporting creative entrepreneurs, boutique businesses & influencers to discover, define, and elevate their digital brand identity.  


Working in the Toronto Film industry for the past 14 years in the camera department has helped me tap into the unique skill of framing an shot through contrast, texture and colour.  Being in the motion picture industry has given me the yearning and need to explore more into editing, and creating my own short films. After my first major concussion I started creating art as a form of escape. Since then I have created hundreds of paintings in 3 years. I have spoken for the Brain injury association of Canada, been interviewed and written countless articles. I have also recently won the Emerging artist of the year award with the arts council.


By professionally tapping into two industries I developed a unique skill set centered on leadership, strategy and creativity. I’m a multipotentialite with the ability to use both sides of my brain to service others. I love to hear about other people’s stories and learn about what makes them unique. Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to visit my site.  I look forward to where we go from here and the opportunity to work together.

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